Using Wiz? Opus Security Pairs Well

Maurina Venturelli, VP of Marketing
May 15, 2023

The Reality of Remediation

Orchestrating remediation efforts across numerous stakeholders, detection tools, and cloud security solutions as risk grows, has become increasingly difficult. Underlining this monumental task are the deficiencies in existing remediation solutions, which lack the speed, visibility, and business context to mitigate this growing risk surface.

Introducing Wiz & Opus Security

Wiz is a cloud agnostic, agentless solution that scans your entire cloud infrastructure and gives you visibility to anything that runs on it. Integrating with Opus Security enables you to reduce cloud risk by building and utilizing built-in workflows triggered by security events sent from Wiz, streamlining cloud security orchestration and remediation processes across your teams and your cloud stack.

Benefits: Become a real Wizard!

  • Promote risk reduction actions in your environment. Wiz focuses on identifying the problem, we focus on fixing the problem.
  • Reduce the time between detection and remediation. We add business and environmental context and enable SecOps to prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter rather than throwing the issues over the fence to the developers.
  • Move from shifting left, to shifting smart. Our integration allows you to assess issues not only in Wiz but across your whole stack, giving you the appropriate context on how applications function, so you can identify exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a true organizational risk.

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