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True security happens with collaboration.

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Remediation Framework

The Opus Platform provides a simplified approach to remediation, reducing the need to start from scratch and enabling consistent practices across different projects or initiatives.

A Culture of Collaboration

A culture of trust and teamwork is critical, and the Opus Platform helps security and engineers work together toward action.

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By connecting your development and production environments, Opus enhances your security data with business context.

Opus provides security professionals with the correlation, suggested fix, and access to smart automation they need to enable developers to remediate quickly.

The Opus Platform is transparent and easy to use, providing security and developer teams with full transparency into the reasoning and analysis behind its prioritization.

Frictionless Execution

Frictionless remediation helps organizations accelerate growth in today's competitive landscape. Opus Security eliminates unnecessary obstacles, streamlines processes, and fosters collaboration by:

Reducing noise and complexity. The Opus Platform deduplicates and consolidates alerts across appsec and cloudsec tools.

Prioritizing with enhanced business context. Every product or application is built differently, and effective remediation requires an agile tool that works specifically with your product.

Sending developers information they can trust. With Opus Security, we provide transparent prioritization and suggest a fix, so the developer can start remediating quickly.