Accelerate time to fix, without sacrifice.

Let your detection tools detect, let Opus Security direct.

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Not all prioritization is equal.

Many security teams find themselves prioritizing incidents first within each tool, then manually cross referencing alerts to try to understand priority. Opus Security ingests alert data across your entire stack and enhances it with business context, so developers work on highest priority for your business.

How to Fix code repositories to your cloud microservices

How to fix, and who to fix.

By seamlessly connecting your code repositories and cloud microservices to business context, Opus enhances alert data with developer information and recommended security fixes.

Effective and Efficient Remediation Operations

Modern security teams find themselves overwhelmed by a flood of security threats. They lack the necessary tools to effectively manage and mitigate these risks. Opus is your platform to operationalize remediation; your platform to manage and mitigate risk.

Aggregate and Consolidate for a Unified View

Connect Cloud-to-Code, to Business

A Guide for Process and Collaboration