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By integrating with various tools and systems across the entire technology stack, Opus Security consolidates and analyzes all alerts, providing a centralized dashboard for security professionals. This consolidation:

supports more meaningful and successful interaction with developers, by avoiding silos, reducing duplication of effort, and optimizing resource allocation.

allows for one tool to be the source of truth for remediation and risk posture management.

provides security teams with a holistic understanding of alert data, enabling them to prioritize and remediate effectively.

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Outcome Driven Metrics

Outcome Driven Metrics

By shifting the focus to outcomes and overall security posture, Opus empowers SecOps to make informed decisions, strengthen defenses, and align security initiatives with the larger business objectives.

Contextualized Risk graph

Contextualized Risk

Opus Security uses contextual risk analysis to help prioritize what to fix. Different industries and organizations face varying levels of risk, and the need for a remediation platform that easily analyzes alert data and business context is a critical part of the security stack.