Unified Vulnerability Remediation

Unifying risk visibility while driving efficiency

Opus provides a thorough understanding of the organization's risk posture by consolidating security sensors across all attack surfaces. By then tracing alerts back to their common root causes, Opus significantly reduces backlog and effectively de-duplicates issues across the originating sensors.

Fix what actually matters

OOpus provides automated prioritization of findings across all potential attack surfaces. Leveraging deep context and insights on business criticality, environment exposure, application context and external sources context, Opus delivers a holistic, customizable  strategy for prioritizing risks and effectively operationalizing remediation across the organization.

Flexible, Cross-Organizational Reporting

Opus allows security teams to naturally process, monitor and report to their specific organizational structure and needs, while continuously tracking operational metrics to deliver real-time reports across organizational levels. From high-level security posture insights to precisely tailored metrics for individual teams, groups, or business lines, Opus ensures effortless automation of reporting needs.

Your Security Posture, Interconnected

Utilizing an extensible platform, deep integration expertise and numerous existing integrations, Opus seamlessly connects with diverse security tools including Application Security, Cloud Security, and traditional Vulnerability Management solutions, to cover all attack surfaces for comprehensive visibility and effective remediation.