Cloud-Native Security Remediation

Fix the right issue, by the right person,
at the right time - every time

Orchestrate Remediation at Scale

Prioritize what really matters based on risk,  contextual analysis and event de-duplication

Manage the full remediation lifecycle

Eliminate manual effort from the remediation process by introducing automation throughout

Drive cross-organizational initiatives with ease

Unified View of Vulnerabilities

Consolidate all your issues across posture management and vulnerability tools

Drastically reduce the number of issues by identifying common root causes

Get clear visibility and in-depth reporting

Personalized Remediation

Effectively collaborate with distributed teams within their own tools

Deliver a personalized, relevant experience for every engineer

Provide actionable remediation guidance and practical code suggestions

Easily adapt to your own organizational structure

Industry Recognition

“Opus has set our company’s foundations for cross-organizational security efforts. The platform has helped me bring everyone I needed to the table, removing organizational friction and blind spots while ensuring that all teams have what they need to excel. With engineering and security teams aligned and collaborating, our remediation process took 10 leaps forward.

CISO,   Mid-Size Fintech Company

“With a growing number of findings across disparate environments and a large number of teams, our engineers were drowning in issues without a clear strategy to resolve them. Opus blocks out the noise by fixing what matters using less time, resources and energy and making the process more efficient.”

Director of Cloud Security,  Fortune 500 Technology Company

Cloud Security Orchestration and Remediation- Opus security- Investors and advisors

״Organizations should not have to prioritize security over business continuity, and already strained SecOps teams are ill-equipped to handle the nuanced decisions demanded of them. Opus’ founders have built a platform that cloud-native security leadership demands - maximizing cloud security automation while retaining and enhancing business benefits״

Dan Plastina, Former VP & Head of Security Services at AWS

Cloud Security Orchestration and Remediation- Opus security- Investors and advisors

״The shift-left trend has necessitated a revised approach to remediation. Organizations need to bridge skill and resource gaps and create an orchestrated, automated alignment process across all teams. Traditional manual tasks and friction between teams result in heightened risk and jeopardize business continuity.״

Gerhard Eschelbeck, CSO at Aurora and Former CISO at Google.