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Consolidate, Prioritize, and Collaborate to Remediate


Reduce the noise to see what you’re really up against

Opus consolidates security tools and their findings across the entire ecosystem, de-duplicating vulnerabilities and tracing them back to their common root causes. This significantly reduces the vulnerability remediation backlog, clearly exposes the organization’s true risk posture, and enables teams to focus on what needs fixing.


Fix what matters most

Opus leverages deep context analysis and unique scoring insights that consider critical business issues, environmental exposure, application, and external source context. This provides a comprehensive and customizable risk prioritization strategy, boosting remediation efficiency tenfold.


Eliminate manual effort and speed time to resolve

From identification to resolution, Opus streamlines the entire remediation lifecycle with no-code automation and pre-built third-party integration, cutting down manual effort by up to 90%.

By automatically assigning each finding to the right person, along with relevant context, fix tips, shortcuts, and code suggestions, Opus reduces Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) by up to 75%.

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See how Opus seamlessly orchestrates vulnerability remediation across your entire ecosystem, including cloud, applications, code, and infrastructure.

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Enhanced developer experience to remove friction

Flexible and adaptable to any organizational structure, and offering specialized features and integrations into the existing tech stack, Opus provides a personalized and tailored developer experience.

Engineers work within existing toolsets, without changing habits or introducing new screens. Opus’s practical code suggestions enable distributed teams to collaborate effectively with minimal friction and latency.


Help sec and dev teams work together in harmony

Opus provides real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities. It improves the visibility and manageability of the remediation process, smoothly integrating it into day-to-day operations and helping security and engineering teams collaborate faster and with less friction.


Get the right information to take the right action

Opus provides in-depth insights into risk areas across the organization, enhancing security reporting capabilities with tailored reports that meet the needs of various stakeholders. This enables decision-makers at all levels to develop relevant strategies and influence company-wide initiatives.

Same Screens, Same Habits, Better Results

Leveraging existing integrations and using an expandable infrastructure, Opus seamlessly connects to all security tools, for complete visibility and effective vulnerability remediation.

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What vulnerability sources does Opus Security support?

Our platform supports a wide array of vulnerability sources, including cloud security tools, vulnerability management platforms, application security,  container security and more. Our platform is designed to provide comprehensive coverage across your security landscape.

How does Opus Security facilitate collaboration across engineering and security teams of different sizes?

Opus enhances collaboration by providing functionalities tailored to organizations with varying numbers of engineering teams, from 1-5 to 15+. Our platform encourages a shared security responsibility, integrating root cause analysis and streamlined workflows to ensure that the efforts of security and engineering teams are aligned and scalable. Key to this collaboration is Opus's ability to bring relevant, contextual information directly to the right engineers, ensuring that each team member receives precise, actionable insights tailored to their specific role and tasks

How does Opus Security streamline reporting on vulnerabilities and remediation metrics/KPIs?

Opus Security's streamlined reporting capabilities enable tailored reports based on ownership and organizational structure. Reports can be accessed directly within the platform or delivered through email/Slack/Jira and more, facilitating easy consumption and action.

How customizable is Opus Security?

Customization is what we do best. From integrating with your existing security tools to tailoring remediation workflows and reports, Opus is flexible enough to meet your unique requirements.

How does Opus Security support organizations using different cloud security platforms?

Opus offers comprehensive integration capabilities with the entire security stack, including cloud security tools, vulnerability management, application security, container security, and more. Our platform enhances security management across various environments without the need to mention specific tools, providing flexibility and extensive coverage.

How does Opus Security cater to organizations with different levels of public cloud usage?

Opus Security is versatile, catering to organizations with any level of public cloud usage, from 10% to 100%, and supports on-premise environments. This ensures optimal security management across all infrastructure levels, providing a unified solution for both cloud and on-premise assets.

What level of manual effort is required in the prioritization, remediation, and tracking processes with Opus Security?

Opus Security significantly reduces manual effort by automating ticket creation, leveraging security tools' capabilities, and employing centralized management and reporting. Our platform transitions your processes from manual to smart workflows, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your vulnerability remediation efforts.

Does Opus Security support on-premise environments?

Yes, our platform extends its capabilities to both cloud and on-premise environments, ensuring comprehensive security management across your entire infrastructure. No matter where your assets are located, our platform is designed for seamless integration and optimal vulnerability management.

What are the common challenges in managing security events from cloud environments that Opus Security addresses?

Opus Security addresses a wide range of challenges, including alert fatigue, fragmented sources, long remediation times, and the complexities of managing remediation processes. Our unified platform streamlines security findings management, offering solutions that cater to the entire security stack for comprehensive coverage.

How many security tools requiring remediation can Opus Security integrate with across an organization?

Opus Security can integrate with an extensive range of security tools, centralizing and streamlining remediation efforts across your organization. Our platform is designed to accommodate as many tools as necessary, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficiency.

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