Vulnerability Management in the Age of ADR

In this episode of "30 Minutes on Vulnerability Management", host James Berthoty welcomes Daniel Shechter, CEO and co-founder of Miggo Security. Daniel introduces the innovative concept of Application Detection and Response (ADR), a pioneering approach in application security that promises to enhance the alignment between security practices and application development.

Key Highlights:

- Innovative Approach to Application Security: Daniel discusses the inception of ADR, designed to bridge the gap between security and development by providing a comprehensive view of application behavior from development through production.

- Enhancing Security through Observability: Learn about the critical role of observability in security, as Daniel explains how ADR utilizes detailed application traces to improve security monitoring and threat detection.

- Challenges in Modern Application Environments: Daniel delves into the complexities of securing modern applications that are distributed across various services and platforms, highlighting the need for security-oriented visibility that traditional methods lack.

- Collaboration between Security and Engineering: Discover the importance of fostering a collaborative environment between security teams and developers to enhance the security and efficiency of applications.

Why It Matters:

Daniel Shechter brings a fresh perspective on the necessity of integrating advanced security measures into the application lifecycle. By emphasizing the role of ADR, Daniel illustrates how real-time data and comprehensive observability can revolutionize security teams and developers' work together to tackle emerging threats effectively.

Tune in to this enlightening discussion that showcases a novel security framework and highlights the strategic integration of security within application development, essential for anyone tasked with safeguarding or developing digital infrastructures in the modern technological landscape.