Opus Security's VP of Marketing shares her thoughts on B2B marketing in a recent DemandBase podcast.

Maurina Venturelli, VP of Marketing
Maurina Venturelli, VP of Marketing

This is a long overdue post - I’m good for it Chris Moody 🙂

A few months ago I had the privilege of joining Chris Moody, one of the best humans and marketers around, on the DemandBase podcast Sunny Side Up. 

Throughout my marketing career, I've grappled with a fundamental concept – the distinction between B2B and B2C marketing. While I recognize the difference in factors between companies that sell to individual consumers and companies who sell to people using company budgets - like deal size and budgets, I struggle to understand why our approach is so radically different. In my perspective, it all boils down to P2P marketing, where people market to people. Why, as "B2B" marketers, do we confine ourselves to separate categories or compartments? This differentiation is evident not only in our hiring practices and job titles within marketing teams, but also in our tendency to market features and functionalities. We often overlook the fact that marketing fundamentally hinges on psychology and resonates with the human psyche.

Listen to more of my thoughts on how I think how B2B marketers need to evolve how we hire, who we hire, and how we go-to-market. Click here to listen to my podcast.