Use Case

End-to-End Remediation Orchestration

The Challenge

Reduce the noise to see what you’re really up against

Organizations face complex and fragmented remediation processes, leading to inefficiencies, increased risk exposure, and extended resolution times. Coordinating efforts across multiple security tools and numerous teams across the organization (Developers, Security, Operations) is a time-consuming and risky operational task.

The Solution

Orchestrate the Full Remediation Lifecycle

Automated Ownership Identification

Adapts to Any Organizational Structure

Drives Cross-Organizational Initiatives

Flexible No-Code Automation

The Outcome

With Opus, organizations manage effective remediation processes at scale with minimal manual effort. Centralized operational tracking and reporting combined with distributed access ensure efficient and coordinated security efforts. This significantly reduces remediation time, enhances overall risk management, and improves response capabilities across the organization.

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