Use Case

Developer Experience for Remediation

The Challenge

Developers often face alert fatigue and lack of context when addressing these alerts, leading to inefficient remediation and increasing frustration between teams. Ineffective prioritization and lack of clear focus further increase this frustration. Additionally, developers need to work with unfamiliar tools and interfaces to complete remediation tasks, reducing productivity and effectiveness.

The Solution

Release More, Fix Less

Trusted Prioritization

A Personalized Security Inbox

A Perfect Fit for Your Organization

The Comfort of Their Own Tools

The Outcome

With Opus, developers address vulnerabilities more effectively and efficiently, resulting in significant security impact with minimal effort. The streamlined process reduces friction and enhances the developer experience, leading to quicker resolution times and a more secure and resilient application environment. Additionally, this improved approach fosters better overall collaboration and trust between security and engineering teams, enhancing strategic alignment and operational harmony.

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