[Case study] How Opus Solved the Puzzle of Disparate Tools and Alerts

February 13, 2024

The Company's Main Security Remediation Challenges

Consolidation of Tools and Alert Prioritization

The company utilizes two primary security tools, Snyk and Orca. The lack of consolidation and integration between these tools and the distributed nature of the company’s business leads to disparate alerts, conflicting priorities, and outdated, manual reporting processes.

The company’s Cloud Security team allocates highly technical security resources to manually aggregate and prioritize alerts, a laborious and tedious process that is prone to human error, and results in high monetary costs and an inefficient use of time.

Collaboration and Communication with Engineering

A key challenge of the Cloud Security team faced was managing remediation processes at scale . With little automation and without a collaborative, synchronized process, the security team was forced to scramble and chase engineers, resulting in considerable time spent and increased friction and frustration.

Unified Reporting and Metrics

With over 13 business units and hundreds of development teams, the company needed one, comprehensive security platform that would seamlessly consolidate all data on issues from all security tools and provide a unified view of key KPIs and operational metrics for remediation.

How Opus solved the customer’s remediation challenges?

Consolidation of Tools and Alert Prioritization

The customer utilizes Opus to connect tools, aggregate data and consolidate and de-duplicate alerts from their Application Security (AppSec), Cloud Security (CloudSec), vulnerability management tools and others.

Opus rapidly adapts to the company’s specific organizational structure and then leverages automation to analyze and prioritize the alert data by using relevant business and technical context.

Orchestration and Collaboration with Engineering

Opus fully orchestrates the remediation process across the entire organization, including multiple ticketing systems and source code management tools.

Leveraging automation and cloud-to-code analysis, Opus automatically identifies the right owner for each issue, enriching every security issues with full, relevant context and practical code suggestions for a seamless and collaborative remediation process.

In-depth Reporting and Metrics

With Opus’s comprehensive data aggregation and organizational mapping, the corporate security team is able to easily understand key risk areas across the entire organization and report on them.

At the same time, technical and business owners across the company can automatically access key operational metrics that were specifically tailored for them.

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