Wiz identifies, Opus fixes.

Meny Har, Co-Founder & CEO
Meny Har, Co-Founder & CEO
May 15, 2023

Wiz identifies, Opus fixes.

The cloud-native threat landscape is constantly changing, requiring solutions that are not just reactive, but also dynamically proactive. Security remediation has traditionally struggled due to a lack of speed, visibility, and contextual awareness. Wiz and Opus Security's integration marks a critical step forward in this regard.

As risks continue to escalate, a coherent, streamlined approach to enterprise security has never been more important. Our integration tackles the complexities of orchestrating remediation across disparate stakeholders, detection tools, and cloud security solutions with maximum simplicity.

A Unified Solution: Wiz + Opus Security

With Wiz's agentless, cloud-agnostic capabilities, you can see your cloud infrastructure in unprecedented detail and identify risks more effectively, while Opus Security both identifies and actively resolves vulnerabilities with powerful remediation workflows.

Key Advantages of Integration

  • Enhanced Risk Reduction: Wiz identifies; Opus fixes. This synergy transforms detection into action, fortifying your cloud environment against threats.
  • Expedited Remediation: By integrating environmental and business contexts, this partnership ensures that critical vulnerabilities are prioritized and addressed swiftly, bridging the gap between discovery and resolution.
  • Root-cause analysis - Opus deduplicates Wiz’s findings and makes sure the root cause is identified for concise remediation, sometimes 100x faster.
  • Strategic Security Shift: Beyond merely shifting left, this collaboration empowers a holistic view of your security stack, enabling a smarter, context-driven approach to vulnerability management.

This strategic integration represents more than technological collaboration; it's a new paradigm in cloud security, promising not just enhanced protection but a more agile, responsive security posture.

Discover how, together, Wiz and Opus Security can revolutionize your cloud security strategy; see Opus’s Remediation Platform in action Now!