Opus Security Joins CrowdStrike Marketplace

Maor Sorero, Head of Marketing
Maor Sorero, Head of Marketing
June 17, 2024

Opus Security is thrilled to announce that we are now part of the CrowdStrike Marketplace. This milestone marks a pivotal advancement in our mission to streamline and enhance vulnerability remediation processes across cloud environments. By joining forces, we’re enabling organizations to seamlessly leverage Opus Security’s cutting-edge capabilities with CrowdStrike’s industry-leading endpoint protection and threat intelligence, ensuring the very latest access to robust security solutions.

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Why This Integration Matters

Streamlined Vulnerability Remediation: With Opus Security now accessible via the CrowdStrike Marketplace, organizations can automate and expedite their vulnerability remediation processes. This automation reduces manual efforts, enabling security teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than operational tasks.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence: By leveraging CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence capabilities, Opus Security delivers real-time context and prioritizes vulnerabilities effectively. This enables organizations to focus on the most critical threats, reducing risk and enhancing their security posture.

Comprehensive Security Integration: The integration of Opus Security with CrowdStrike offers a unified approach to security, combining endpoint protection with robust vulnerability management. This synergy fortifies defenses against evolving cyber threats, from endpoint detection to vulnerability remediation.

Improved Team Collaboration: This new partnership promotes better collaboration between security, development and operations teams. Opus Security’s platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows, providing tailored notifications and actionable insights. This ensures that vulnerabilities are addressed efficiently and effectively, enhancing overall security operations.

Opus Security's Unique Approach

Centralized Vulnerability Management: Opus Security consolidates data from various security tools, providing comprehensive visibility into an organization’s threat landscape. This unified view enables more effective decision-making and prioritization of vulnerabilities.

Automated Workflows: Our platform introduces automation to streamline repetitive and manual tasks, significantly reducing the time and effort required for vulnerability remediation. Automated workflows ensure that vulnerabilities are promptly identified, prioritized and assigned to the appropriate teams for remediation.

Contextual Analysis and Prioritization: Opus employs contextual analysis to prioritize vulnerabilities based on organizational impact, asset context and potential risk. This risk-based approach ensures that critical vulnerabilities are addressed first, optimizing resource allocation and strengthening overall security posture.

Exceptional Developer Experience: Opus enhances the developer experience by providing clear, actionable recommendations and integrating remediation steps into existing workflows. This approach minimizes alert fatigue and frustration, enabling developers to address vulnerabilities more effectively.

Collaborating with CrowdStrike

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Beyond a technological alliance, this partnership underscores our commitment to elevating security standards and enhancing vulnerability management efficiency.  Together, Opus Security and CrowdStrike are ensuring that organizations can proactively manage their security posture and effectively mitigate risks.

See how Opus Security and CrowdStrike’s combined forces provide comprehensive visibility, streamline remediation processes and enhance overall security operations. Explore the benefits of this powerful integration and discover how it can transform your organization’s approach to cybersecurity.