Introducing Opus: Orchestrating Remediation and Reducing Risk in the Cloud

Meny Har, Co-Founder & CEO
Meny Har, Co-Founder & CEO
September 5, 2022

SecOps for a cloud-native world

The world of Security Operations is evolving. As cloud adoption has accelerated and with the introduction of Cloud Security Posture Management, Or Gabay (Opus’ CTO and Co-founder) and I have witnessed firsthand the stark shift SecOps has undergone from a siloed centralized function, involving mostly security teams, into a cross-organizational effort with growing stakes and rising importance for both business and security. This transition, bolstered by the “Shift Left” trend demanding risk reduction and placing a new and more significant focus on security posture improvement, necessitates a fundamentally new approach to how security is conducted in the cloud. 

With a $10M seed round led by YL Ventures with participation from leading security professionals, Or and I are proud to announce the launch of Opus Security - the first security orchestration and remediation platform built for the cloud.

Cloud SecOps is an organizational effort

Innovative cloud security tools have exposed a critical and dynamic attack surface, with a slew of new security findings plaguing already strained security operations teams This new security reality inevitably expanded the impact of risk and its mitigation from being the function of security operation teams alone, to becoming an overarching organizational effort. Through customer conversations and from our own experience, we have witnessed the growing friction between teams in this increasingly dispersed environment - and the resulting difficulty to resolve, measure and drive improvement in the risk reduction process.  Orchestrating response and remediation efforts across numerous stakeholders and security solutions as risk grows is no small feat. Underlining this monumental task are the deficiencies inherent in existing solutions, which lack the speed, context or built-in value to effectively drive reduction in a growing risk surface.

Security automation for all sizes and budgets

As we began ideating Opus, we knew that automation must be a critical component of our new solution. Automation has immeasurable value for security teams and business units alike, empowering organizations to place critical guardrails where necessary and hugely boosting efficiency. That being said, rather than using automation broadly and undiscerningly as existing solutions do, we wanted our platform to selectively employ it within a specific organizational context or environment.  Opus leverages its benefits and allows organizations of all sizes to maximize the value of automation, providing security teams with real, out-of-the-box process best practices that just work. This element became one of the key tenets of Opus Security.

Our Team

Joining us at Opus is a group of stellar, top-tier talents who have a fundamental passion for championing SecOps and helping transform the way response and remediation are conducted from detection to risk reduction, and beyond. With the support of our world-class investors, advisors and partners, Opus is ready to reimagine Cloud Security and Operations in the cloud. 

Throughout our careers in cybersecurity, my co-founder Or Gabay and I have seen Security Operations (SecOps) evolve from a siloed, niche security space involving only security and operations teams into a cross-organizational effort with growing stakes and rising importance for both business and security. During our time at Siemplify, Or and I realized that this transition, bolstered by the “Shift Left” trend demanding risk reduction and posture improvement, necessitates a fundamentally new approach. 

Redefining Security Operations for Today's Challenges

In our cybersecurity careers, Or Gabay and I have seen SecOps evolve into a cross-organizational effort, necessitating a new approach. The gap between visibility and remediation in cloud security posture management solutions has become an overarching concern. Security teams, burdened by the overwhelming alerts and rising risks, face challenges in leveraging cloud benefits effectively. The deficiency in existing remediation solutions highlights the need for speed, scalability, and context to mitigate growing risks. Automation in Opus Security addresses these challenges, allowing teams to focus on acute remediation elements while the platform manages the rest, offering time-saving, resource-efficient solutions adaptable across various organizational sizes.